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Maraenui Bilingual School welcomes you

Welcome to Maraenui Bilingual School, situated in the heart of Maraenui, in the Hawkes Bay area.
We are a vibrant Bilingual School, offering quality learning opportunities and education in and through Te Reo Māori and English, for Primary school aged children from Year 1 to Year 8.
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Principal's Message

As the principal of Te Kura Reo Rua o Maraenui, it is my privilege to work with confident students, dedicated staff, a motivated Board of Trustees’, and passionate whānau whānui.  The vision of our kura,
“Te tamaiti ākona ki Maraenui tū ana ki tōna ao, tau ana” is inclusive and reflects the school motto,
“Piki ake kake ake kia hāngai teitei”.  
Meet Our Team
This reinforces the idea that the learning journey is ongoing, that from a strong kaupapa Māori base we will be ready for the future, and collectively, we’re all committed to succeeding in our chosen learning pathway.  
Essentially, at our school everyone works together to identify, ignite and nurture the passion for learning.
Nāku me aku mihi maioha.

Chris Worsley

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Our Daily Timetable

Please do not let your children come to school too early in the morning. Teacher supervision at the patrol commences at 8.20am and finishes at 8.40am.
While children are permitted into the grounds when they arrive at school, they are not allowed to go into their classroom until the 8.30am bell has been rung. Once children have arrived at school for the day, they must not leave the school grounds without permission from their classroom teacher.
If you need to orgainse time away for your child, please call or email the office.
More important info
8:30am Children may enter classroom
8:55am School begins
11:00am - 11:20am Morning interval
1:00pm - 1:45pm Lunch
2:45pm School finishes
2:55pm Grounds cleared

Come in for a visit or contact us:

Address: 2A Lister Cres, Maraenui, Napier 4110


Contact Number: 06 843 8021

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